About Us

UV Resources (UVR) is a leader in the education, design and innovative engineering of affordable ultraviolet-C (UV-C) equipment for a variety of commercial, healthcare, government and residential HVACR applications. In addition to developing new and unique UV products for specific applications, UVR team members were among the first to develop modern sizing and efficacy software for air conveyance systems and regularly consult with both OEM and government-sponsored, UV-related entities.

About UV resources

UVR is an active member of ASHRAE, Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) and the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA).

We consider our actions to be inspired, imaginative and innovative, which, when coupled with a desire to re-engineer product fitment and service, sets UVR apart from other ultraviolet businesses today.



Before after coils


UVC light has been used very successfully in HVACR equipment since the 1990’s to improve indoor environmental quality, eradicate surface mold and bacteria, and save energy by returning heat-transfer equipment to as-installed efficiency levels.

Historically, UV has been widely used since the 1800’s to disinfect and heal wounds, aseptically package military K-Rations, and sterilize medical and dental instruments.

Today, in addition to HVAC applications, UV is used to rid waste, drinking and process water of harmful microbes that affect human health and sterilize packaged and non-packaged liquids of most every kind. UV also is used in pharmaceutical applications, the military, Centers for Disease Control, Homeland Security, and NASA.