New Meter from UV Resources Signals UV Lamp Replacement Need, Ends Hassle for Building Engineers

UV-C Lamp Hour Meter

The new Lamp Hour Meter from UV Resources alerts building engineers when to replace their ultraviolet-C (UV-C) lamps to ensure the system continues enhancing indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and HVAC/R efficiency.

All UV-C lamps will lose output over time, regardless of their make or model. Left undetected, they will burn out, and cease inactivating harmful microorganisms on cooling coils, drain pans, upper air spaces, etc.

Able to be installed anywhere, the hour meter solves this problem by measuring the lamps’ total run time from installation, based on an annual, or roughly 9,000-hour, schedule. After 8,041 hours, or about 11 months, the meter’s solid green LED light changes to a slow, intermittently flashing orange LED as an early reminder to replace the UV-C lamps. After 9,000 hours, a red LED begins to flash rapidly and intermittently, indicating the immediate need for lamp replacement. Once the lamps are replaced, the meter is simply reset.

“Only about 20 to 30 percent of building engineers actually replace their UV-C lamps, usually because they’re installed in easily-overlooked areas,” says Dan Jones, president of UV Resources. “The Lamp Hour Meter continuously tracks lamp life and reminds engineers exactly when it’s time for a change-out, giving them urgency to act and thereby preserve the IEQ and efficiency benefits garnered through UV-C.”

Due to its stand-alone timer, the Lamp Hour Meter can be installed anywhere convenient for the building engineer. It can also be incorporated into a building management system, in which case a 5V signal will be used for a relay connection.

Other Key features of the Lamp Hour Meter include:

  • An easy-to-read LCD screen that displays the UV-C lamps’ total elapsed run-time from the moment of installation.
  • Green, Yellow and Red LED Visual Lamp indicators that signal the lamps’ status to building engineers (green for fully operational; orange as a warning for upcoming replacement need; red for immediate replacement need).
  • Dynamic memory that allows the meter to pick up where it left off in case of power loss.
  • A push button to reset the lamp-life timer to zero hours after replacement.
  • Durable construction consisting of high performance industrial grade plastic impregnated with black-carbon for structural integrity and UV-C exposure resistance.
  • Mounting holes for simple installation.
  • A terminal block featuring screw-down electrical clamps, 5V out-signal and power connections using solid or stranded wire.
  • The ability to be powered by a 24V wall adapter or hardwired.

Benefits of Annual Replacement

Aside from the main IEQ and HVAC/R efficiency benefits derived from keeping the UV-C lamps functional and capable of destroying harmful microorganisms, an annual replacement schedule is more cost effective than individual replacement.

“The annual schedule maintained by the Lamp Hour Meter consolidates change-outs into one service interval, allowing the facility to purchase lamps in larger quantities to save both money and time,” explains Jones.