GLO™ Upper Air UV Fixture

GLO™ Upper Air UV Fixture

Upper air ultraviolet (UV) lights have been an effective tool in reducing the risk of airborne disease transmission for decades. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC): “studies have shown that a properly designed and maintained upper-room UVGI system may be effective in killing or inactivating TB bacteria”1.

The GLO fixture exceeds the performance guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for hospital and healthcare applications.

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GLO fixtures are used to mitigate nosocomial infections, colds and flu, etc. in health care settings, including waiting and patient rooms, homeless shelters, jails and prisons, virtually anywhere where there is a threat or desire to reduce infectious microbes.

GLO Fixtures are factory-assembled and tested. They consist of a housing, reflector, power source, lamp sockets, lamp and light baffles that allow for superior output and irradiation angle coverage to increase fluence over a greater zone within any space.


Housings are constructed of heavy-gauge aluminum, and is equipped with a power cord and ½” conduit knockouts for ease of wiring.


Reflectors are computer designed and constructed of high spectral Alanod to collimate the maximum amount of UV energy outward in a unique 170º pattern with the lowest amount of power input.


Baffles are non-reflecting, powder coated aluminum that maximize throughput while minimizing stray energy in the lower areas of an irradiated zone.


Power supplies are high efficiency electronic types, matched to the lamp and designed to maximize UV-C production, lamp irradiance, energy efficiency and reliability. They are UL Listed, 120-277V, 50/60 Hz, Type 1, high-power factor, electronic rapid-start types with overload and end-of-lamp-life circuit protection, and sound rating A.


Sockets are double-pin / single-click, safety types constructed of polycarbonate.


Lamps are high output, T5 diameter, bi-pin types that produce broadband UV-C at 253.7 nm. Useful lamp life is 9,000 hours with no more than a 15% output loss.


Lamp: TUV25 T5


Output: 407 µW @ 1M


Dimensions: 4.40-inches H x 23.25-inches L x 6.43-inches D)


Housing: Aluminum


Louver: Proprietary Powder Coated Aluminum


Weight: 8 lbs.


Shipping weight: 10 lbs.


Mounting Heights:

Ceiling Height - Fixture Mount Height

8-9 ft.

7 ft.

10 ft.

7.5 ft.

11 ft.

8 ft.

12 ft.

8.5 ft.










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