UV-C Lamp Hour Meter

UV-C Lamp Hour Meter

UV-C lamps have a useful life of 9,000 hours at which point it is recommended that they be changed. However, keeping track of how long a UV-C lamp has been running can be a challenge for building managers. The UV-C Lamp Hour Meter is the first affordable way to monitor UV-C lamp run-time. It features an LCD screen which displays the elapsed run-time of the UV-C lamps from the day they are installed or replaced.

The LCD is coupled with Green, Orange and Red LED lights that indicate lamp status. When the lamp run-time reaches 8,041 hours (around 11 months), the solid green LED light changes to a slow intermittent flashing orange light providing an early indication for the need to replace the UV-C lamps. Once 9000 hours is reached, the red LED begins to rapidly intermittently flash indicating the need to change the lamps.  

Concurrently, the UV-C Lamp Hour Meter provides a 5V signal that can be tied into the building management system (BMS) to provide a remote indication of lamp status and includes a constant 5V signal that changes to a slow-intermittent signal and then a rapid-intermittent signal as the lamps reach 8,040 and 9,000 hours respectively.

The UV-C Lamp Hour Meter has a dynamic memory if power is lost.

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