UV-Com Control Panel

UV-Com Control Panel

The UV-Com™ Control Panel from UV Resources provides a convenient means of monitoring multiple Ultraviolet “C” (UV-C) fixtures installed in individual air handling units (AHUs). The UV-Com easily automates the conventional means of “manually checking” that lamps and ballasts are operational and communicates this lamp status to most building automation/management systems (BAS/BMS). A single UV-Com control panel can simultaneously monitor up to eight separate UV-C fixtures. Multiple UV-Com panels can be linked together in a daisy-chain sequence in order to monitor as many individual UV-C fixtures as necessary.



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The product is made up of two sub components, the CU2™ and the UVRepeat™. Together they provide the monitoring of each individual lamp/ballast combination by providing an on/off signal to the facility BAS/BMS. If either a lamp and/or ballast cease to function, the facility engineer is alerted—eliminating the need for individual unit monitoring, and a major labor savings for applications with multiple AHUs.

The UV-C wavelength is known to reliably provide cleaner, healthier air by preventing microbial buildup in cooling coils and draining pans and duct surfaces. It cleans coils, drain pans and other surfaces while additionally killing pathogens on surfaces and in airstreams.

The housing and components are factory-assembled and tested. They consist of a housing, pc board and wire block. Construction is designed to withstand HVACR environments.

Housing is constructed of industrial grade plastic and equipped with a direct reading high output green LED. It features two mounting holes and an external wiring block for wiring to a remote sensing or input device.

PC board facilitates the conversion of an inductive field to a regulated electromotive force of 1 - 5V maximum.

Wiring block consists of one positive and one negative screw-down terminals capable of accommodating wire sizes of up 18ga.


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