UV Report

UV Report

UVReport™ UV-C radiometric monitor is the first affordable, multifunctional UV monitor available for UV-C lamp installations in HVAC systems. It features an exclusive resettable timer to display lamp run-time hours and it monitors UV lamp performance from initial installation to lamp change-out. In addition to the ½-inch-high digital display, UVReport also provides green, yellow and red LED indicator lights to alert operators of go / no-go lamp status. The digital readout displays either the percentage of “initial” lamp output or lamp run-time using the toggle pushbutton. The UVReport monitor also provides NO/NC (5-Amp) relay switching to permit remote powering of alarms, lamps, and other devices, or to provide a signal to the building management systems when lamp performance drops below 50%.


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The sensor is typically installed facing the lamps from a distance of 3 to 10 in. The monitor can be mounted up to 100 ft away from the sensor in typical climates of <122°F (50°C) and less than 90% RH. An 8 foot high-performance sensor cable with male RJ-11 plugs is provided. The 24-VDC monitor is equipped with a jack for a typical 24-VAC adaptor (not included). Integral NO/NC relay connections provide 5-Amp switching for control alarms, lamp switching, and controlling other devices, or to signal operators through a building management system.

The UVReport™ is factory assembled and tested. It consists of a housing, LCD readout, LED indicator lights, push-button display toggle, push-button reset, NC/NO & 24-VAC power-in jack, terminal block, 24-VDC power jack, UV sensor with female RJ-11 cable jack, and 8foot sensor cable with male RJ-11 plugs.


Housing: The UVReport housing is constructed of high performance industrial grade plastic impregnated with black-carbon for structural integrity and UV-C exposure resistance. Mounting holes facilitate easy installation.


LCD readout: Highly visible numbers 5/16-in. high provide a direct-digital indication of lamp performance in percent of rated output and real-time hours of lamp operation


Reset: Push button reset at lamp change-out to set the real-time performance to 100% and the lamp-life timer to zero (0) hours.


Display switch: Toggles the LCD readout between lamp performance percentage and lamp-life hours.


LED Indicators: Green, yellow and red LED status lights indicate measured lamp performance as >70% output, 50% to 70% output, and 50% output or below, respectively.


Sensor Jack: A female RJ-11 jack accommodates the male RJ-11 sensor plug and cable.


Terminal Block: The UVReport terminal block features screw-down electrical clamps for NO and NC, C (common), and Power connections using solid or stranded wire.


Sensor Cable: The sensor cable is black-carbon impregnated 26-AWG, 4-wire line, rated at 300-VDC for temperatures up to 175°F (80°C). It is 8-ft in length and has male RJ-11 plugs on each end.


UV Sensor: The UV sensor is constructed of industrial grade plastic impregnated with black-carbon for structural integrity and ability to withstand exposure to UV-C energy. It is equipped with a female RJ-11 jack, two mounting holes, and mounting screws. It detects and converts UV-C energy of 240-400 nm to an electric signal that is translated by the monitor into a numeric readout of “percent output” on the LCD display.


Monitor Dimensions: 3.94-in L x 2.59-in. W x 1.26-in. D


LCD display: UV-C irradiance relative value unit (%) and UV lamp run-time unit hours


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