As an originator of UV in HVAC equipment, UV Resources has supplied Direct Fit Lamps (DFL) for years.  They meet or exceed original specifications and warranties for all brands of UV fixtures.  If the lamp you are searching for is not featured below, please contact us at 877-884-4822.

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There are two types of lamps, fused quartz and soft glass, and both produce their greatest output at 253.7nm. Quartz lamps provide a slightly higher UV output and are favored for airborne disinfection.  Soft glass lamps are made from Sodium-Barium Silicate which melts at lower temperatures making them suitable for less-costly automated manufacturing and their UV output is slightly lower.  Both lamp types as manufactured do not produce ozone.
The DFL line offers a full range of both types.  Each will suit any application and both can be Encapsulated™ (sleeved).
The DFL line has a wide variety of users because of their low cost. After initial trial, DFL users continue re-lamping with them due to their excellent performance and long life.  Their low life-cycle cost and matched warranties are a welcome benefit in any economic setting.

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