Consumer Awareness, ASHRAE Validate UV’s Effectiveness

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Consumer Awareness, ASHRAE Validate UV’s Effectiveness

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February 22, 2016

Cleaner, Fresher Air

Please read this article about UV-C’s application as a solution to eradicate harsh airborne contaminants and deliver fresh, clean air:

“Consumer Awareness, ASHRAE Validate UV’s Effectiveness”

by Herb Woerpel on the NEWS website.

Article Excerpt:

ORLANDO, Fla. — UV-C technology is surging as more consumers turn to it as a solution to eradicate harsh airborne contaminants and deliver fresh, clean air. Additionally, a recent position paper from ASHRAE validates the technology’s effectiveness, further strengthening its usefulness in industry circles.

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI), according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, is an established means of disinfection and can be used to prevent the spread of certain infectious diseases. UV-C radiation kills or inactivates microbes by damaging their deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).

The desire to keep HVAC systems operating at peak, as-built efficiency without costly and difficult maintenance is leading contractors toward UV-C technology, said Dan Jones, president, UV Resources.

“Many conventional maintenance options, such as a manual coil cleaning that is done on an annual basis, are labor-intensive and end up costing more than installing a UV-C fixture,” he said. “Choosing UV-C fixtures has allowed contractors to make one installation and rest assured the UV energy will continuously clean the cooling coil and airstream. Contractors have also used the sales and installation of UV-C fixtures to keep their technicians fully employed during off-peak seasons.”

One such option is UV Resources’ Remote Lamp Mount (RLM) Small Systems (S/S) ultraviolet (UV-C) lamp fixture kit. The unit may be installed on hard-to-service fan coil units, package units, and heat pump systems. The UV fixture inactivates harmful microbes, preventing coil inefficiencies, drain pan overflow, and foul odors. Stained ceiling panels and wet carpet due to overflowing and microbe-infested HVAC drain pans are a thing of the past once a RLM S/S is installed.

The system’s remotely mounted, high-efficiency RLM S/S fixture kit includes a CU2™ monitor, which provides both a visual and signal method of verifying lamp and ballast on-off operation.

“The concept of the RLM S/S was fueled by a growing demand for a UV-C system that provides the versatility to accommodate small HVAC systems that can be more susceptible to microbial growth and difficult to maintain,” said Jones. “Whether your application is coil irradiation, killing pathogenic microorganisms, or
extending HVAC system life, the RLM S/S combines the outstanding UV-C components in a simple and flexible system.”

“UV is definitely one of the most studied technologies in IAQ and all of HVAC,” said UV Resources’ Jones. “ASHRAE deemed UV a very steady, effective technology that demonstrates positive health effects. We’re pleased to share this validation with HVAC contractors and consumers.”