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RLM Xtreme Performance

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GLO Upper Air Family

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Why Colleges Need UVC

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Why Schools Need UVC


UVR Lamp Replacement


RLM Xtreme UV-C System

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Why Consider UVC?

A CDC Fact Sheet on Upper-Room UV-C

CDC: Upper-Room UVGI

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IUVA COVID-19 Fact Sheet

U.S. Green Building Council: UVGI

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School Classrooms Reduce Pathogen Spread with UVC

We conducted a side-by-side comparison of two classrooms–one fitted with germicidal UVC upper room fixtures and the other without.

What is Upper-Room UV Air Disinfection

Upper-Room UVC is the oldest disinfection application of the germicidal wavelength and is approved for improved control of highly contagious airborne diseases.

UVC Light Basics: How It Works

Applying UVC lamps has been shown to inactivate infectious bacteria, boost airflow and maximize heat exchange efficiency, which can reduce energy use by up to 20%.

How Upper-Room UV Works

Upper-Room/Air Germicidal Ultraviolet systems work by interrupting the transmission of airborne infectious diseases in high traffic communal areas.

City of Santa Clarita

Once the pandemic struck, city officials accelerated their upgrade to cleaner, healthier air.

5 Benefits of UVC

Learn how UVC can destroy up to 99% of pathogens, boost heat transfer efficiency by up to 14.5% and decrease HVAC/R energy use up to 20%.

Fight Germs With UVC Lighting

Exposure to UV destroys airborne bacteria and viruses, including multiple Coronaviruses, H1N1, MRSA, pneumonia, strep, TB, measles, influenza, and the common cold.

Importance of Ventilation in Schools

The Energy and Efficiency Institute at UC Davis created this animated video to explain the power and importance of a properly functioning ventilation system inside buildings.

University of Arkansas Campus

UVGI energy transformed and restored HVACR performance at the University of Arkansas, cutting energy consumption between 10-35%.

College of American Pathologists

This medical society sought to reduce infectious pathogens across the group’s 150,000-sq.-ft. campus and nearly 670 employees

Miami Office Building

Retrofit doubles HVAC cooling capacity with 5-month ROI. Improved HVAC heat transfer efficiency so the same temperature was achieved using just 40% of the previous energy used.

Los Angeles Airport Improves IAQ

LAX Airport took a proactive approach to provide better air quality for millions of travelers; boosting HVACR efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

Habour Centre at Aventura


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QUICKREAD: Neutralize Pathogens with HVAC InDuct Disinfection

Grow Your Business with UV-C

Why UVC Lamps Produce NO Ozone

Why Encapsulate UV-C Lamps