How To Ensure Non-Stop UV-C Protection

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How To Ensure Non-Stop UV-C Protection

80% of Building Engineers Forget to Change UV-C Lamps

Light in the ultraviolet-C (UV-C) germicidal spectrum provides nonstop protection for HVAC/R systems against efficiency-robbing mold and bacteria growth. Yet, only about 20 to 30 percent of building engineers enjoy this ongoing protection because they don’t replace their UV-C lamps.

Nothing lasts forever. Like any lamp, UV-C fixtures eventually “burn” out and cease to deliver the germicidal energy necessary to eliminate microorganisms on air handler components.

Without UV-C irradiating the evaporator coil and ductwork, HVAC system efficiency is reduced and indoor environmental quality placed in serious risk. The boost in airflow levels, potential energy savings and extended equipment life spans associated with UV-C can all be compromised.

As a builder or facility manager, forgetting to replace lamps is understandable. Not to mention, they’re usually out of sight, and the blue illumination remains long after the lamp stops working, making everyone think the system is fine (visible light is not an indication of performance; the blue hue actually comes from the inert argon gas within the lamp and does not generate the UV-C energy).

Never Forget Again

Fortunately, a new monitor eliminates the guess work and ensures you never lose the IAQ, energy and maintenance savings offered by UV-C. The meter measures the lamps’ elapsed total run time from the point of installation against industry standard lamp-life data that correlates with roughly a 9,000-hour annual lifespan.

  • After roughly 8,000 hours, or about 11 months, the meter’s solid green LED light and building management system (BMS) signal changes to a slow, intermittently flashing orange LED and signal as an early reminder that lamp replacement is imminent.
  • After 9,000 hours, a red LED and BMS signal begin to flash rapidly, indicating the immediate need for lamp replacement. Once the lamps are replaced, the meter is simply reset.

Even better, the lamp meter can be installed anywhere convenient for the building’s engineer. It can also be easily incorporated into a building management system, in which case a 5V signal will be used for a relay connection.

Once you replace the lamps, a push button will reset the clock to zero and start counting down to the next replacement. In case of power loss, dynamic memory allows the meter to preserve its data, picking up where it left off so it never skips a beat.

Ensure Continuous Protection

The most important benefit of the lamp hour meter isn’t the reminder, but rather the continuous protection it ensures by prompting you to replace the lamp. UV-C lamps installed in HVAC/R systems have been shown to improve indoor air quality, increase airflow, boost heat exchange efficiency and reduce maintenance needs. Properly-functioning UV-C systems can decrease HVAC energy costs by an average of 10-25 percent.

Furthermore, the annual schedule maintained by the meter allows building managers to consolidate change-outs into one service interval, allowing the facility to purchase lamps in larger quantities to save both money and time on installation.

Installing the lamp hour meter guarantees the investment you made in UV-C won’t be squandered because the lamps stop functioning. Microbes are persistent little creatures and a UV system must always be at its best to make sure they don’t reform. So let the lamp hour meter stay on top of things for you. Learn more: