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From very large air handling units (AHUs) to the smallest fan-coil unit, engineers and facility managers look to UV Resources and our germicidal solutions for market-leading performance, ease of installation and competitive pricing.

Our products can be used for surface irradiation (coil/drain pan microbial infestations) to on-the-fly kill for infectious disease applications to in-room upper-air UVGI to general indoor air quality concerns.

Product Solutions

RLM Xtreme

SLX High Output UVC Fixture

DLX-N Dual Lamp HO Fixture


GLO™ 150 Upper Air UV

GLO™ 225 Upper Air UV

GLO™ 310 Upper Air UV

GLO™ 900-OF Upper Air UV

GLO™ 1500-OF Upper Air UV

DEF HO Series

DEF SO Series



Stinger™ 24V UV Fixture


UV Report

UVC Lamp Hour Meter

UV-Com Lamp /Ballast Monitor

Door Safety / Interlock Switch


24V Hard Wire StepDown 90004939_706x526 Blue

24V Hardwire Adapter

Replacement Lamps

Top Quality & Affordable Direct Fit Lamps

We have hundreds of lamps in stock and ready for immediate shipping. Our high-quality, direct-fit UV lamps (DFL) are guaranteed to meet or exceed a variety of brands, specifications and applications.

Our team of UV disinfection experts is here to assist you. Call 877.884.4822 today.

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