DEF HO Series

High Output for On-The-Fly Kill & Surface Irradiation

The high output DEF series is designed to provide up to twice the ultraviolet irradiation to inactivate and/or degrade the toughest microorganisms and organic matter, whether surface or airborne, in the most challenging applications at up to half the cost of similar products.

The high output series features a waterproof ballast design, stainless steel construction and built-in weep holes to withstand the harshest commercial or industrial HVAC environments.

Specs and Certifications

Lamps included with this fixture provide an average of 9,000 hours of operation.
Input power voltage configuration.
Primary disinfection mode: Air & Surface, Air or Surface.
Primary fixture mounting: internal duct/plenum or external duct/plenum.
Electrical/ballast enclosure rating as defined by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA).
Product is free from defects in material and workmanship from the date of first purchase.
Electrical safety standard as defined by Underwriters Laboratories (UL); Accessories, Air-Duct Mounted (ABQK).
Electrical safety standard as defined by Underwriters Laboratories (UL); Accessories, Air-Duct Mounted (ABQK).

DEF High Output fixtures meet all ASHRAE supported product specifications and are suitable for most any UVC application. They connect end-to-end using internal PnP connections for fast, simple and reliable installations of any length and number of rows necessary to achieve the specified irradiance. They can be installed in supply, return, or exhaust plenums, and ducts, to disinfect moving air streams and surfaces to prevent microbial proliferation and transfer, and the buildup of organic materials. Various sizes and 120-277V voltage options allow application most anywhere.

  • Used for On-The-Fly Kill & Surface Irradiation
  • Meets all “fixture” specifications
  • Fixture to fixture Plug-n-Play
  • Installs quickly and easily anywhere
  • Easy to specify, source, and purchase
  • Water-proof ballast/components
  • Destroys coil/drain pan microbial infestations
  • Restores AHU capacity and efficiency
  • Ends tedious coil/drain pan cleanings
  • Improves indoor environmental quality
  • Industry’s lowest cost of ownership
  • UL, CUL and other agency sanctions
  • 3 year fixture, 1 year lamp warranties

Fixtures are factory-assembled and tested. They consist of a housing, waterproof power source, lamp sockets, quick connects and lamp. Construction is designed to withstand HVACR environments and is appropriately UL/C-UL (ABQK) Listed.

Housing is constructed of heavy-gauge 304 stainless steel, and is equipped with 6- ½” conduit knockouts on the fixture’s top, bottom, and/or ends for ease of wiring. Fixtures can be mounted anywhere in an HVACR system or as shown on system plans.

Power Supply is a waterproof, type 1, outdoor, high-power factor, electronic rapid-start type with overload and end-of-lamp-life circuit protection that maximizes lamp radiance, life, and system reliability at temperatures of 1–70° C. Input: 120-277Vac (±10%), 50/60 Hz, with a sound rating of A.

Sockets are bi-pin, single-click safety, twist-lock type and constructed of polycarbonate.

Lamp is a very high output, T5 diameter, medium bi-pin type that produces broadband UV-C of 253.7 nm. Each lamp produces the specified output at any airflow velocity and heating and cooling temperatures of 1–70° C. Minimum useful lamp life is 9,000 -18000 when used continuously, with no more than a 20% output loss depending on conditions.

Independent Testing – Fixtures have been independently tested to verify UV output under various conditions and in conformance to UL/C-UL (ABQK).


Door Safety / Interlock Switch

  • Designed to automatically de-energize the UVC system when opened
  • Required for all AHU access points

Viewport / Access Door

  • Clear, single-pane doors
  • Polished wired glass that is UL-classified and fire-resistant

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