SLX High Output UVC Fixture

Disinfect Airstreams

The SLX provides 360-degrees of high UVC energy intensity and easily mounts to most exterior supply, return or exhaust plenum or ducts,  making it ideal for disinfecting airstreams in HVACR equipment.

Specs and Certifications

Lamps included with this fixture provide an average of 9,000 hours of operation.
Input power voltage configuration.
Primary disinfection mode: Air & Surface, Air or Surface.
Primary fixture mounting: internal duct/plenum or external duct/plenum.
Electrical/ballast enclosure rating as defined by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA).
Product is free from defects in material and workmanship from the date of first purchase.
Electrical safety standard as defined by Underwriters Laboratories (UL); Accessories, Air-Duct Mounted (ABQK).
Electrical safety standard as defined by Underwriters Laboratories (UL); Accessories, Air-Duct Mounted (ABQK).

The SLX provides 360-degrees of high UVC intensity and easily mounts to most supply, return or exhaust plenums or ducts, making it ideal for disinfecting airstreams in HVACR equipment. Widely used in hospitals and institutional applications, UVC energy (254nm) also lowers the cost of maintaining and operating HVAC equipment.

Suitable for new systems and as a retrofit product, the SLX can be easily installed in most light-commercial, commercial, industrial, healthcare and manufacturing applications.

Fixture is factory-assembled and tested. It has a powder coated galvanized steel housing, a “waterproof” power source, lamp socket, FEP coated lamp and LED lamp/power supply monitor. Construction is designed to withstand typical HVAC/R environments.

Housing is constructed of heavy-gauge powder coated galvanized steel with 4 – ½” or ¾” conduit knockouts on the housing’s bottom, sides and end for hard or soft wiring. The fixture is designed to be mounted and serviced from the exterior of its installation site; such that, the lamp protrudes into “conditioned” air. It can be externally mounted anywhere in an HVAC/R system or as shown on system plans.

Power Supply is a waterproof, Type 1, outdoor, high-power factor, electronic rapid-start type with overload and end-of-lamp-life circuit protection that maximizes lamp radiance, life, and system reliability at temperatures of 1–70° C. Input: 120-240VAC, 50/60 Hz, with a sound rating of A.

Sockets are standard 4-pin types constructed of a UV-C resistant polycarbonate for long life and serviceability.

Lamps are non-proprietary, single ended, very high output, hot cathode, T5, O8 4 pin, base types that produce broadband UV-C between 250–260 nm. Lamps are coated with EncapsuLamp™ (FEP) for protection in case of accidental breakage. UV-C lamp produces the specified output at any airflow velocity and temperatures of 1-77° C. Lamps are standard, non-ozone producing types.Minimum useful lamp life is 9,000, with no more than a 15% output loss, depending on conditions.

Independent Testing is in conformance with all safety requirements of Underwriters Laboratories (ABQK).


UV Report

  • Numeric display of lamp output performance and runtime
  • Normally closed (NC)/normally open (NO) relays for lights, alarms, or signals

UVC Lamp Hour Meter

  • Easily installed, virtually, anywhere – it can be located with the UVC lamps, or, in the building managers office
  • signal relay connections for BMS integration

Door Safety / Interlock Switch

  • Designed to automatically de-energize the UVC system when opened
  • Required for all AHU access points

Viewport / Access Door

  • Clear, single-pane doors
  • Polished wired glass that is UL-classified and fire-resistant

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