Perfect for Hard-to-Access Outdoor Equipment

The exterior mount, NEMA-rated X-Plus fixture is ideal for hard-to-access outdoor and indoor HVAC system, air handler, plenum or duct. Because the weather-proof fixture mounts from the exterior and requires no interior unit access, the X-Plus is ideal for HVAC equipment up to 30 tons, including rooftop package units, through-the-wall or fan coil units.

Suitable for new and retrofit systems, this rugged and extremely adaptable X-Plus fixture is favored by contractors for its low-cost, reliability, and ease of service/maintenance.

Specs and Certifications

Lamps included with this fixture provide an average of 9,000 hours of operation.
Input power voltage configuration.
Primary disinfection mode: Air & Surface, Air or Surface.
Primary fixture mounting: internal duct/plenum or external duct/plenum.
Electrical/ballast enclosure rating as defined by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA).
Product is free from defects in material and workmanship from the date of first purchase.
Electrical safety standard as defined by Underwriters Laboratories (UL); Accessories, Air-Duct Mounted (ABQK).

X-Plus installs from the exterior of A/C equipment or ductwork. It’s perfect for hard to access outdoor and indoor equipment of up to 30 tons and over. It can be installed either vertically or horizontally by making a simple 1″ hole for the lamp, and it properly attaches to surfaces with self-drilling screws (included). Each fixture has four 1/2-inch electrical knockouts for convenient wiring to both power and additional units, if used. A rubber gasket seals between the fixture and its install site to ensure a leak-free install (included).

  • Patent-pending, feature packed design
  • NEMA 4X construction for use anywhere
  • Lamp Lengths from 17″ to 60″
  • Simplified installation, operation, and service
  • No need to open or get into HVAC equipment
  • Lockable access prevents unauthorized service
  • Complete safety 2-step power-down features
  • LampClamp™ technology for easy re-lamping—no tools
  • Typical install provides 360° UVC distribution
  • Lightweight, reinforced, high-performance construction
  • Minimal solar gain to maximize component/fixture life
  • Easy wiring to power and additional fixtures
  • Lowest ownership cost of any NEMA 4X UV-C unit
  • 3 year fixture, 1 year lamp warranties

Fixtures are X-Plus type, single-ended UV-C lamp fixtures and are factory assembled and tested. They consist of a NEMA 4X housing, rubber gasket, locking eyelets, auto-matching power supply with integral power interlock and power disconnect, LampClampTM lamp holder, and lamp socket, and are constructed for outdoor environments.

Housing is NEMA 4X rated, and constructed of high-performance polycarbonate for a lightweight, low solar gain, structural system. It incorporates padlock eyelets and all other components into one integral assembly that simplifies installation, serviceability, and safety. The housing is designed to be mounted and serviced from the outside of a unit or ductwork, so that the lamp protrudes into “conditioned” air. The lamp is held in place and supported in the airstream by a patent-pending compression collar and compression nut (LampClampTM) and circular lamp support.

Gaskets are rubber-based cylindrical types sufficient to provide an airtight seal between the mounting surface and fixture housing.

Power Supply is an auto-matching, multi-volt input (120-277 Vac ± 10%), Class 2 type with a high-power factor and a sound rating of A. Safety features include a micro-interlock switch, service power disconnect, and LampClampTM. Its design maximizes lamp output in lamps from 17 to 61″ long, in operating conditions from 1–77° C, 100% RH, and at any velocity over the lamp’s life. It features RF and EMI suppression and end-of-lamp-life protection.

Lamps are high-output, hot cathode, T5, Circline®‚ cell-base types that produce broadband UV-C between 250–260 nm. Each lamp is capable of producing the specified output at any velocity or temperature of 1–77®C. Lamps are standard, non-ozone producing, low residue types, with EncapsuLampTM technology optional.

Sockets are Circline® 4-pin types encased by the LampClampTM and are constructed of a UV-C-resistant polycarbonate for long life, total reliability of contact, superior support, and serviceability.


Door Safety / Interlock Switch

  • Designed to automatically de-energize the UVC system when opened
  • Required for all AHU access points

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