UV Resources offers a full line of germicidal UV accessories, from door safety switches and UV-C blocking view-ports to radiometers and remote monitoring devices.

UV Report™

UV-C  Lamp Monitor

UVReport UV-C radiometric monitor is the first affordable, multifunctional UV monitor available for UV-C lamp installations in HVAC systems. It features an exclusive resettable timer to display lamp run-time hours and it monitors UV lamp performance from initial installation to lamp change-out.

In addition to the ½-inch-high digital display, UVReport also provides green, yellow and red LED indicator lights to alert operators of go / no-go lamp status.

UV-C Lamp Hour Meter

Track Lamp Run-Time

UV-C lamps have a useful life of 9,000 hours at which point it is recommended that they be replaced. However, it is a challenge for building managers to keep track of how long a UV-C lamp has been operating. The UV-C Lamp Hour Meter is the first affordable solution.

It features an LCD screen which displays the elapsed run-time of the UV-C lamps from the day they are installed or replaced. The LCD is coupled with Green, Orange and Red LED lights that indicate lamp status.

UV-Com™ Lamp/Ballast Monitor

Monitor Multiple UV-C Fixtures

The UV-Com Lamp/Ballast Monitor combines two of our most popular supervisory solutions to ensure that lamps and ballasts are operational across multiple air handlers. The UV-Com marries our CU2™ lamp/power supply monitor and our UVRepeat™ module to merge multiple lamp/power output signals into one output for monitoring by most building automation/management systems (BAS/BMS).

Packaged in a 2- or 4- UVRepeat board option, the system can monitor 15 and 29 lamp/power supply combinations respectively. Both options provide a single point of contact for most BMS systems to remotely monitor lamp/ballast functionality.

Door Safety / Interlock Switch

Automatically De-Energize UV-C Fixtures Safely

UL-1995 requires while ASHRAE recommends that all HVAC access points (doors/panels) be secured with a safety interlock switch that automatically de-energizes the UV-C system when opened.

The switch is a ‘normal open’ circuit that is depressed when the door is closed, energizing the UV-C system. When any access door is opened, the safety switch “breaks” the circuit, turning off all UV-C fixturing.

Viewport / Access Door

Safely View UV-C System

Installing a UV-C view port is the safest way to view fixture operation, as it will block the UV-C bandwidth.

Constructed from UL classified, fire-resistant wired glass, our viewports feature Pilkington polished single pane glass. A variety of access doors and viewport sizes are available.

24V Hardwire Adapter

25w Single Output Certified Power Supply

The 24V Hardwire Step-Down power supply can be used with our 24V products including the Hornet™, Stinger™ and UVReport™.

With a universal 85 to 264 VAC input, this power supply provides a step-down from 110-240V to 24V.

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