Schools Ready To Invest In Efficiency, IAQ

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Schools Ready To Invest In Efficiency, IAQ

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October 31, 2016

Please read this article about UV-C’s application for schools to increase HVAC system efficiency:

“Schools Ready to Invest in Efficiency, IAQ”

by Nicole Krawcke on the NEWS website.

Article Excerpt:

“In recent years, there has been an increasing emphasis placed on the importance of IAQ in schools as studies have found poor IAQ can impact student and staff attendance, comfort, and performance as well as deteriorate and reduce the efficiency of a school’s HVAC equipment.

“There is a definite push towards higher performance schools, and that includes energy efficiency as well as IAQ,” said Dan Jones, president, UV Resources. “The UV market has a big role to play in both energy efficiency and IAQ. UV keeps the HVAC equipment clean and therefore efficient by improving and maintaining heat transfer of coils. Keeping the a/c equipment clean also improves IAQ. UV-C technology can be applied to continuously reduce, or in some cases prevent, infectious pathogens from growing on or circulating in school air and surfaces. Overall, we have seen an upward trend in the use of UV-C in most all markets.””