Specialty Products Help Optimize Sustainability

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Specialty Products Help Optimize Sustainability

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UV Resources contributes to ACHR News Article:

“Specialty Products Help Optimize Sustainability”

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Article Excerpt:

UV Resources’ RLM Xtreme fixtureless UV-C lamp system was created with the aim of improving both energy efficiency and air quality.

According to Dan Jones, president of UV Resources, these improvements are very noticeable in commercial retrofits.

“More importantly, to a building engineer, UV-C lamps can be retrofitted into existing HVAC systems to address degraded heat transfer and pressure drop due to fouled coils, which helps return the system to its originally specified performance,” Jones said. “By eliminating accumulated organic materials and biofilm growth in commercial air handlers, the use of UV-C significantly improves airflow and heat-exchange efficiency levels, which can not only reduce energy use but also decrease system maintenance costs and provide cleaner, healthier air.”

This cleaner air results from not just the reduced mold but also from the reduced need for maintenance and chemical cleaning.

“Sustainable products, such as the RLM Xtreme UV-C lamp system, provide an opportunity to maintain the designed specification [for coil heat transfer, airflow, and IAQ] while reducing the demand being placed on building managers by eliminating the need to devote labor to cleaning coils,” Jones said.”