Starting Up Idle HVAC Equipment After Summer Vacation

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Starting Up Idle HVAC Equipment After Summer Vacation

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August 3, 2015

School HVAC Systems

Please read this article about implementing UV-C’s during seasonal maintenance visits:

“Starting Up Idle HVAC Equipment after Summer Vacation”

by Jen Anesi on the NEWS website.

Article Excerpt:

For many cash-strapped school districts, shutting down HVAC units in unused buildings for part of summer vacation to help cut cooling costs is an annual routine. However, this can lead to issues with humidity, mold, odors, and more inside the school, not to mention the potential mechanical problems that can arise from letting equipment sit idle for long periods when it’s not designed to do so.

“Maintenance visits are also a good time to consider implementing products that can help improve IAQ and system efficiency, even when the units have been shut down for the summer. UV-C lights, which help prevent microbial growth on the condenser and evaporator coils while the unit is not in use, are one such option,” Jones said.

“While the HVAC systems are shut down over the summer, it is recommended that the UV fixtures remain on, continuously cleansing the coil and inside of the system — this can be as little as 25 watts,” Jones said. “In the fall, when classes resume, the ultraviolet energy will have cleaned and maintained the coil and many other components.

Therefore, there will not be the typical biological growth to create additional pressure drop, lower airflow levels, or impede
the coil’s ability to remove heat. In other words, the tech will have no issues typically cased by a dirty coil.””