How to Extend UV-C Lamp Life

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How to Extend UV-C Lamp Life

How to Protect UV Lamps against Dirt and Water Damage

There’s nothing exciting about the topic of dielectric grease – it’s about as mundane as you can get. But this silicone compound is of the utmost importance in protecting vehicles and electrical systems of all kinds, including HVAC/R ultraviolet lamp (UV-C) connections from costly corrosion and water damage.

Dielectric grease is a translucent, grey lubricant designed to provide a barrier against liquid or vapor incursion. Common applications include automotive spark plug wires, where the grease acts as a sealant, locking out dirt and water. It is also used to prevent corrosion on metal connectors, such as the pins found on single- and double-ended UV-C lamps.

Dielectric Grease and UV-C Light

In UV lamps, dielectric grease is applied to the lamp pins to prevent moisture from entering and degrading the lamp pins or plug. The grease will help extend the life of bulb sockets and prevent voltage leakage around electrical connections. This preventative maintenance tool comes pre-applied in LampHolders from UV Resources. However, after the first year of use, the grease should be reapplied annually, when replacing lamps.

Applying Dielectric Grease to UV Lamp Connection

Replacing UV-C lamps once a year is important to maintaining continuous protection of HVAC/R systems against efficiency-robbing microbes that foul cooling coils, thereby reducing indoor air quality and energy savings, while increasing maintenance costs. When changing out the lamps every 12 months, UV Resources recommends applying LampLube dielectric grease to lamp pins and plugs to protect against moisture, air and dirt.

Follow these directions when applying dielectric grease to a replacement UV lamp:

1. Apply liberal amounts of grease to the lamp pins (4-pin lamp or double ended lamps)

2. Push the lamp into the receptacle (4-pin connector or bi-pin tombstone)

3. Make sure the lamp/receptacle connections are snug.

Once applied, the dielectric grease won’t go anywhere thanks to its resistant chemical properties. It will retain pliability even after extended service and has temperature resistance of -40 to 400°F (-40 to 204°C).

Don’t forget to apply dielectric grease, which will come included with your replacement lamp from UV Resources each year, along with installation instructions. Learn more at