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For over decade, UV Resources has led the HVACR industry in education, application, and product engineering of ultraviolet irradiation (UV-C) equipment for a variety of commercial, industrial and institutional (healthcare) applications, including residential systems. Today, the company is at the forefront of development and engineering of UV technology for HVACR equipment, water and many other applications.

The company brings its vast UV and application knowledge and technical leadership to these markets worldwide by providing the most modern, affordable, reliable, and most easily applied UV-C products available. Additionally, the UV Resources team were among the first to introduce UV-C in air conditioning applications and to develop modern sizing and efficacy software for these applications in all types of air conveyance systems.

The company is involved in technical and industry groups such as the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA), Illumination Engineering Society (IES) and ASHRAE along with Federal Agencies and academia, which have played an important role in UV-C’s broad acceptance and use today. Our imaginative approach has also led to re-engineered products for affordability, performance, serviceability, and availability, which continues to set the company apart from other HVACR UV businesses today.

UV Resources has greatly simplified the proper sizing and application of UV-C equipment in HVACR systems, resulting in lower first costs, lower maintenance cost (i.e. fewer and easier lamps to replace), and lower operating costs. This approach has enabled more facilities, occupants, and staffs to benefit from the intrinsic value of UV-C technology (i.e. maintenance, comfort and health benefits), including healthcare settings to reduce the incidences of infectious disease.

Just as importantly, UVR products can sustain the installed capacity of air conditioning systems to save an average of 15% in energy use while they improve the quality of indoor air. This has also been shown to extend the useful life air conditioning systems to reduce operational costs.

UVR products are comprised of the latest state-of-the-art components and come with the longest industry warranties, and our excellent service is well documented

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The RLM SS Kit provides all of the flexibility and affordability of the popular RLM Xtreme, but is designed for smaller HVAC systems such as fan coils, heat pumps, and PTACs, all of which are well documented sources of mold, bacteria, odors, and clogged drain pans. The S/S also provides surface irradiation of cooling coils to regain heat transfer, eliminate coil maintenance and improve indoor air quality. Applications include hotels, mini-marts, hospitals, and schools. The SS comes with a UL Listed auto-matching, multi-volt input (120-277Vac) power supply that features RF and EMI suppression and end-of-lamp-life protection. Its series of SO lamp lengths are 12", 17", 22" and 33" to provide the perfect solution to utilize the benefits of UV-C in these and other small equipment applications. The RLM SS lamps are also available with EncapsuLamp™ technology.

  • Solves Coil/Pan Cleaning Issues
  • Fast and Easy Installation
  • Multiple Lamp Lengths
  • Most Consistent UV Output
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Easy to specify, source and purchase
  • Destroys mold & bacteria in drain pans, on coils and in the air
  • UL Listed Components
  • 3- year fixture warranty
  • 1- year lamp warranty

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The easy-to-use UV Select™ sizing App (available for both Android and IOS systems) uses project specific measurements to generate UV-C fixturing recommendations that best comply with ASHRAE guidelines for Ultraviolet Surface Treatment. Read more and download it here.

“There are many benefits of UV-C…Most important is the improvement to indoor air quality levels, so tenants enjoy cleaner, healthier air. Absenteeism due to the spread of unsafe microorganisms via HVAC systems is almost eliminated.”

Miki Minic

Chief Engineer

BayView Corporate Tower