Combat HAIs & Increase HVAC/R Energy Efficiency with UV-C

Microbes cause Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) AND rob HVAC/R efficiency:
In a hospital or doctor’s office, dangerous microbes can spread through the air or spread by touch in patient rooms, waiting areas, operating theaters, laundry chutes and more. Just as dangerous — mold, biofilm and other organic compounds can also accumulate on cooling coils and other HVAC/R surfaces, causing the system to become less efficient at removing heat.


HOW UV-C can help:
Installing UV-C lamps is an affordable fix that attacks HVAC/R microbial growth in the air, on patient-accessible surfaces and on cooling coils and components.

UV-C energy works 24/7/365 as it eliminates hazardous microbial build-up. This performance-robbing and odor-causing build-up can’t be reached by mechanical (pressure washing) or chemical treatment. Restore your system to its original design performance conditions safely and effectively with UV-C energy.


icon-1.png DECREASE pressure drop up to 10%
icon-2.png INCREASE heat transfer efficiency up to 14.5%
icon-3.png DECREASE HVAC/R energy use up to 25%
icon-4.png DECREASE microbial growth up to 90%
icon-5.png DECREASE maintenance cost for as little as $0.15/cfm

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