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The Hornet™ brings the same UV-C technology that is used all over the world — from water treatment up to the most critical infectious disease applications at healthcare facilities — into today’s residential and light commercial applications. The Hornet employs the most modern and highly efficient UV-C components available to deliver the energy that keeps HVAC systems, as well as the air we breathe, clean. It efficiently destroys surface and airborne microbes that grow in, and circulate throughout, A/C systems and which impede coil efficiency, clog drain pans, and become major contributors to allergies, airborne transmitted disease, odor, or poor indoor air quality.

The Hornet was developed to be exceptionally safe, easy to install, and simple to use — add in its low power 24V operation, and its applications continue to expand. Hornet’s safety features prevent shock, UV exposure, and accidental lamp breakage. It installs on the exterior of equipment and its lamp projects into the airstream — so there is no need to open the system to install the Hornet, or to change its lamp. Hornet is perfect for today’s applications, providing both peace of mind and an enhanced bottom line.

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